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    PDF links on IE and Windows 7


      I click on any link that I know is a PDF file on Windows 7.  IE 8.0 and the latest version of Adobe Reader.  The link does not open in IE.  Some I can do as a save as target others do not give me the option.  Any Ideas????

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          Here is a work around as long as you don't use the reader in an online class.  This opens another Acrobat Reader window outside of IE 8 but it works everytime.  It seems this is tied to Acrobat 9.x only.  Acrobat 8 does not have the issue.


          1) Open Adobe Reader




          2) Go to Edit then Preferences
          3) Under Categories on the left side click on Internet
          4) Uncheck Display PDF in browser and click Ok.
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            This way would be good if you had tried that. Of course, it may be the problem of your PDF files, maybe the links are crashed. If you view PDF files on the Interent with adobe reader, you may not open the link because it is disable for unknown reanson. I have come across that situations.