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      I have an 8x11 flyer, I want to take that flyer and put it 4 up on a page so i will have 4, 4X6 on one page. What is the best way to do that? I tried using ruler, and guides, but I find that my squares are off.






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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          Assuming you have found a branch of physics that will let you put 6 into 11 twice…


          OK to use guides, but try unlocking the guides (View > Guides > Unlock Guides). Now you can click on a guide to select it and position it precisely using the Transform panel or the Control panel. Remember that in Illustrator, zero is the bottom left corner. That means up is positive.

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            Thanks scott for replying


            The problem that I'm running into is my squares seem to be off. I was just wondering was there a template i can use, where all i have to do is scale down the flyer and drop into each square.

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              Scott Falkner Level 5

              I don’t know what you mean by, “ my squares seem to be off.” What squares? 4 x 6 is not a square. None of the measures needed to produce the impossible document you want would form a square. Show us. Take a screen grab and include it in a reply.

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                John Danek Level 4

                At 50%, you'd have a 4x5.5 document.  I'd create a new file ( Custom > 8x10 ).  This will work with any dimension, any size.  Use the Rectangle tool and click in or on the left top corner of the document > you should get your rectangle dialog box where you can set the size to 4x5 > click OK > give that rectangle a stroke of .5pt and color it whatever color you decide.  Now, select the rectangle and do a move/copy ( Shift - Command - M ) > set the X to 5" and click "Copy".  You should now have 2 rectangles in the document.  Now, select both rectangles and do another move Y = -4" and click "Copy".  You should now have 4 rectangles setup in your document.  Just drag out your guides to the center of the document.  Scale your original file down to fit inside the first rectangle and repeat the move/copy to get the 4 of them.

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                  Thanks John. That's it! That helps me out allot.


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