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    Limit records in nested repeat region

    dizmarkie Level 1

      I am using the nested repeat region behaviour and I need to limit the amount of records in the detail table.

      in ADDT it guides you through a wizard for master and detail tables to use this nesting which works great but it also returns all the records in the detail. I would like to limit the amount.


      I tried modifying the query by adding


      $maxRows_detail4tbl_products = 4;
      $pageNum_detail4tbl_products = 0;
      if (isset($_GET['pageNum_detail4tbl_products'])) {
        $pageNum_detail4tbl_products = $_GET['pageNum_detail4tbl_products'];
      $startRow_detail4tbl_products = $pageNum_detail4tbl_products * $maxRows_detail4tbl_products;


      still returns all rows. any help is greatly appreciated.