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    cfml to xml to .net

      one server running CF one running .net 2.0
      inherited .net site, adding content manager.
      I did the content manager in CF on different server.
      Need to pass info to .net site.
      I made a webservice that passes string to display part of the site.
      That part of the site is too slow. way too slow.
      Next part of the site i had CF write and xml file and .net site read xml file.
      This seems to work good.
      Problem is this:
      I change the xml file in CF content manager.
      All of that works, i can view the xml and its changed.
      .net site doesn't change.

      I realise this is most likely a .net problem and not for CF forum,. but we all know CF coders are the best!
      And ***-kissing aside, I was hoping someone would have some ideas.

      Eventually, (i haven't timed it, but it took longer than a night's sleep) the new data will show up on the .net site.

      If a page is reading from an xml file it should read the file every time the page is loaded, right?

      Is the server somehow caching the old xml?

      Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!