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    How to Stop Code Rewriting in CS4?


      I've done a lot of searching and it looks like I'm not the only one with this issue.  CS4 is rewriting my code and I want to completely stop it from doing that.  The menu in Edit -> Preferences has a few boxes to say when to rewrite the code and I've unchecked them all.  It should not be rewriting anything and yet it is.


      The issue is not whether or not the code is valid.  The issue is that I want it to stop rewriting my code.  I should be able to write anything I want to write in Dreamweaver and it should leave it as I wrote it.


      Has anyone fixed this issue?  I know which file to fix before uploading it (after CS4 rewrites it a bit) but if someone else is working on this file in the future they won't know why it broke or what to do.  If CS4 "fixes" the file it breaks the HTML on the page.  If anyone is curious, it's a ColdFusion page and CS4 is adding a <tr > tag in two places where they don't belong.