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    CS5..early days but...

    shooternz Level 6

      I am shocked, stunned and amazed!  ................(and delighted)


      I know its real early days... but at about this time after CS4 was made available to install...this forum was flooded with CS4 issues and they went on for sometime. (Including my own rants)


      I think Adobe has been very clever and the MPE / CUDA / NVIDIA smokescreen has worked.

      (just joking but I do note the considerable amount of discussion about hardware / performance ie cards / HDDs... and nothing about software ie CS5).


      As has become norm on this forum..the big continuing issue is AVCHD. (boring, boring, yawn,)


      Jeez...surely someone is having a great editing experience with this crap.  If so...can they let the other guys know and then tell them how to do it


      Actually I suspect this CS version is really a great release and will be installing it myself tomorrow from my download. to a new machine (Have been waiting on new Ram due to 1st batch being problematical).


      Tempting fate but I expect no issues at all and I wil be able to put the CS5 suite into productivity/earning  mode far earlier than I expected.

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          jabloomf1230 Level 1

          Much of the complaints/crashes with video software (not only Adobe's), have stemmed from trying to cram everything into the archaic 32 bit memory space. With those restrictions eliminated, those problems are reduced and it is possible to write code that is far more efficient. The casual computer user thinks that 64 bit would be "faster" than 32 bit. It may be a bit faster, but the real advantage is stability.

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            Pcenginefx Level 1

            Haven't done any real editing with CS5 yet (waiting on the Magic Bullet Looks 1.3 release for CS5) but I did run the PPBM4 test on both my CS4 and CS5 install and I got an overall 70% increase in performance!  With that amazing increase in perf, I have also ordered a GTX 285 so in a few days I will be editing my 5D Mark II and XDCAM EX footage with ease!  Amazing upgrade so far.....

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              I am impressed so far but will understand the power of it all once all the plugins are available like BCC7 and newbluefx!


              Then I will be VERY HAPPY!




              And yes it is MUCH more stable now. sighhhhhhh!

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                Dag Norum Level 2
                function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                trying to cram everything into the archaic 32 bit memory space


                Oh, soon we will say that about 64 bit as well.


                Let me start in another end. What kind of computers were used to put the first man on the moon?
                Well, if the development should have increased as much as the memory space has, we should now be able to travel in time by the use of a modern computer.


                64 bit will not give better stability, you see, people are the same (people = computer owners) and they will of "good old habit" screw up their computers by installing whatever, clicking OK/YES too many times, and so on. When did people get the opportunity to do so? When the memory space got big enough for making GUI "for everybody".



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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  To emphasize your point:


                  "To err is human, to really foul up requires a computer"




                  "If builders built buildings the way programmers write programs, the first woodpecker to come along would destroy civilization"

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Some years back (maybe about Win 3.1.1), there was a little piece on an auto maker talking to Bill Gates about how things worked in Windows. It was rather long, but made the point of your "woodpecker" comment.



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                      jabloomf1230 Level 1

                      I'll make you all a little wager that the 64 bit CS5 versions are a lot more stable than the comparable CS4 versions. I know that you guys are having a bit of fun with the my original platitudes (and rightly so). But if your point is that if Adobe could find the world's best programmer and he or she could make After Effects work in real time on an iPhone, then I'd have to disagree with you. As to your logic with computers and putting a man on the moon, what makes you think that the computer aspects of the moon shot were so sophisticated? As someone who started life as a programmer writing code for complex simulation models on IBM 360 mainframes, I can tell you that things weren't really all that complicated back then.


                      But I digress. I still think that the CS5 Suite is quite impressive.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        By the 360's things HAD improved quite a bit. I still recall my mom's efforts at installing the first UNIVAC for the US Air Force, and getting it up and running. Unfortunately, I could not see the use of the punch tape, or even the cards that came a bit later. It was not until IBM coined the term "PC," and I got to photograph it, that things began to click a bit. Still, it was some years later, that HP gave us some of their computers, after a shoot, that I could see the potential. Not THAT many years later, and I got Aldus PhotoStyler, and the light REALLY went off in my head. I had seen the future and it was right in front of me on my hotrod 286! I've never, ever looked back.


                        Now, PrPro does things that were totally incomprehensible to me, when I was in film school in the '70s, though I had been exposed to computers many years earlier, and had even worked on a Wang smart monitor, but all we really had was the ARPANET and some text-based adventure games!


                        Yes, some fun has been had, but all in good spirits - or at least I hope.




                        PS - please do not get Harm started on COBOL, or we'll never get to sleep.

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                          shooternz Level 6

                          ..and back to the topic. 


                          I just installed CS5 Production Premium Suite with my licence  - all apps. ( ie full version) into my brand new system.


                          It took less than 15 minutes including the file extraction and was absolutely effortless.  WOW !


                          I had a test project set up and running in 2 minutes - flawless.


                          I would be absolutely prepared to start a new project and have a client sitting in ...tomorrow.


                          My CS4 Suite really rocks but now ....


                          Note: I have absolutely zero way of quantifying performance because of new system, new software, 64-bit OS, Quadro FX3800 etc... but this  is WARP FACTOR xxxxxx


                          Damn : Already noticed they did not fix my pet bug bear - "Automatic Opacity Key framing".  I want a refund!

                          Its an Adobe plot to ruin my life and I am going back to FCP.

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                            Curt Wrigley Level 4



                            Thats the great thing about CS5.  You want it to be faster, you can make it faster.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9
                              Its an Adobe plot to ruin my life and I am going back to FCP.


                              I had the feeling that you were planning on jumping ship - about the time that you changed your screen name.


                              I suspected that you were just a FCP "mole"


                              Good luck, and please keep the reports coming,