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    jpg vs gif...jpg looks bizarre live but ok in DW?

    LArden Level 1

      Does anyone have any ideas about why the same image saved in photoshop (I will post in that forum also) as a jpg and as a gif looks great as a jpg in DW on my monitor, but when I upload the html page with the jpg, the colors looks bizarre in Firefox? The gif does not look as nice because there are gradients, but at least it looks "normal-ish". But the jpg gets really saturated and bright and off on colors and looks really strange. I've had this happen many times and always just settle for the gif but this time the gif is really not as good.


      Here it is as jpg



      Here it is as gif



      The gif is as it should look. Both are in FF. Both look perfect in DW before I upload.


      Forgive the tiny urls, I'm trying to avoid SEO issues.


      Any ideas?

      Thanks so much in advance...this has been plaguing me for years!