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    Flash Print to PDF - grey-scale JPGs

    Mountain Max

      Okay, so I'm still using CS3. Have to stick with the tried and true with some legacy projects. When I print a page from Flash using the printer driver from Acrobat 8 Pro everything looks great, vectors print in color as expected but the embedded color jpg images on the page come out grey scale. I've never had this problem before, but I don't print much from Flash. If I export it to Illustrator and print PDF (same driver) from that, the image look fine. It's a work around, but an annoying extra couple steps. One of the jpg images is a standard digital photo and the other is a export form Swift 3D. I've checked all of the output and printer driver settings I can think of, but the same driver works just fine from all of my other applications.


      This is not a critical problem, but thought I'd throw it out to the forum for comment if anyone has any other ideas.