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    fireworks CS3 slow to open

    Level 7
      Vista Ult
      Pentium Core Duo 2.0ghtz
      2gb ram

      Are others finding that FW CS3 opens very VERY slowly and even after it
      opens it takes a while before any of teh buttons on teh main launch screen
      are clickable. In fact, in that span of time between FW opening and the
      buttons on the launch screen being clickable, clicking anywhere results in a
      "Not Responding" in teh title bar until FW catches up.

      One last thing: I have already disabled Aero when FW opens, so that isnt the
      culprit. If I dont do that, then bitmap tools (like paintbrush & eraser)
      become so slow and jarring that they are unusable...

      I'm uber disappointed with these performance problems...