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    The Bone Tool


      I was working with Adobe Flash CS4 today and decided to give the bone tool a go. After I used it for a short while on a few tests, I thought it was a true blessing to all flash animators out there until 2 fatal glitches occured.


      1.) Line Color and Fill Color Glitch: Depending on whether these are even activated at the time, your bone tool will make a shape object actually go by the colors. If the fill isn't selected, your objects fill color will be transparent and if the line color isn't selected, the same thing will occur. The main problem with this? If the line color IS selected, it will create an outline around the object that you DO NOT want and cause joints to look all wrong. It gets bothersome having to convert my object in to key frames all of the time, but I could deal with this error if it wasn't for the second one. ----->


      2.) Bone Tool Transparency: EVEN if the line color and the fill color are both activated, some images that have been bent with the bone tool will still lose their fill color in certain spots of the image, and it can really mess up your animation. This stuff to me makes the bone tool completely useless and makes me question why this tool was ever released for CS4.


      If anyone on here has any solutions to how I could fix the glitches above or if anyone knows if CS5 has corrected these glitches, please post here, and help a fellow animator out. The bone tool would truly be a blessing if it worked the way it was supposed to.