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    Coldfusion 9 standard and enterprise edition


      Dear All,

      I want to install ColdFusion 9 standard edition in my Windows 2008 Server R2.The website shows the free binary available is of enterprise edition.Where can I get the  free standard edition ?

      Thanks in advance


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          I don't believe you can get ColdFusion Standard edition for free.  Just use the Enterprise Edition, but refrain from using any of the features of the Enterprise Edition. I couldn't find a comparison of features for ColdFusion 9, but see the ColdFusion 8 edition comparison: http://www.adobe.com/products/coldfusion/coldfusion8/editions/ 

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            ilssac Level 5

            All the editions are actually the same download.  It is really just the license (or lack of one) that determines what will be runing on your server.


            Download a developer edition, insert an Enterprise license key three months from now and it is a Licensed Enterprise server.


            Take a running Standard server, remove the license key, it is now a Developer licensed server, which has the Enterprise ability to make CAR (ColdFusion Archive) files.  A useful trick for migrating settings from one standard server to another.


            I am not sure what your concerns are, but just download the developer or free trial version you wish to use and all should be good.

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              rajcold Level 1

              Thanks for all the updates.

              My requirement would be to analyze which one meets our requirements.I

              have two options either to use Standar or the Enterprise.Before buying the licensing compon

              ent want to be sure as what version is sufficient for our requirement considering Enterprise being more expensive than Standard.


              It may happen we buy Standard and then during deployment it doesn't suit the requirement then we have to bear the additional cost for Enterprise.


              The free download available is Enterprise hence if we use that then not sure how much it will be perfect to predict the behavior in Standard as well.

              So I was looking for any freely downloadable binary for the Standard edition or atleast during the time of installation if there is any optin where you can go for the standard version only.


              Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

              Thanks in advance


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                ilssac Level 5

                I believe you can get the free 30 day trial for each version.  Which is acquired by just downloading the desired version and selecting 30 day trial during the installation.  After the 30 day trail, if you do not provide a valid license key, it will revert to the developer's edition.


                But, in reality, the decision to choose between standard and enterprise can be largely done on paper.  The main difference between the two is features, not performance except for some of the more advanced but less commonly used features.  Unless you have need of multiple ColdFusion services installed on a single machine, native Oracle database driver, high throughput for <CFREPORT...> <CFDOCUMENT...> and other PDF features, gateways or other advanced features -- Standard is a fine server.


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                These links may help



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                  rajcold Level 1

                  The given links are very helpful but I couldn't find link where it can give me download option for Standard edition freely.The tiral version available is of Enterprise edition.If you have any details on this do let me know.



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                    ilssac Level 5

                    It has been a long time since I have ever downloaded the trial, so I am only 80% to 90% confidant in this statement.


                    But I beleive the download is *ALL* version.  What version that gets installed is based on the choices made during the installation.  Wheter you provide a license key, what level license key, choose "developer" or "trial".


                    What are you trying to try out with Standard?  What are your concerns?

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                      rajcold Level 1

                      We use ColdFusion mainly for configuring website along with IIS.  Respective versions are IIS6 with ColdFusion 6 in an 32bit machine. As we are migrating our servers to 64bit we thought of using Windows 2008 Server R2 along with ColdFusion 9 and IIS7.


                      But we are getting issues like "An exception occurred when instantiating a Com object. The cause of this exception was that: java.lang.RuntimeException: Can not use native code: Initialisation failed".


                      Our infrastructure is, 64bit machine is going to write some information to a Database and that information from Database is going to be retrieved by ColdFusion.

                      At present it is being done by 32bit machine.I guess even if we get issues with uprading to ColdFusion 9 as a workaround timebeing we can go ahead with ColdFusion 6 with IIS6 combination running in an 32bit machine and retrieving information from a Database where the information is being written by a  64bit machine.

                      Please let me know if I am not clear.






                      Thanks and regards