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    Vbox Scrolling Display issue (performance)

    smanisankar Level 1



      I am developing an Flex application which would need to display content from XML.


      I am loading the contents in nested Vbox and canvas. My container is canvas(separate MXML component) within which i have a VBox where i am adding a html renderer component (custom designed MXML component). I have to display multiple pages of content within a scrollable page, so i have added multiple renderer component in the VBox. Eventually i have a page content which has a height of around 3000 pixels and it is scrollable.


      Now my problem is , when i scroll the content using the scroll Knob from the default scrollbar, i can see my contents get overlapped or disappeared. Howoever using the Down Arror and Up arrow doesn't produce this problems.


      Please anybody help me to get rid of this problem.