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    cs4 projects in cs5


      Hi I just downloaded the trial to see how much quicker cs5 is to cs4 but I cant open any of my cs4 projects? Is this not possible or is this just because I have the trial version. Also some videos I imported dont have audio attached, wierd.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Read the limitations of the trial on the download page. They were put there for a reason, so you can know what the limitations are. All you need to do is read them and you have your answer.

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            Rotaholic Level 1

            oops, point noted. I just got a wee bit excited. Thanks for your speedy reply.

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              sync2rhythm Level 1

              I'm at a loss as to why your projects won't open because I don't see a statement that says CS4 projects won't open in CS5.

              I'm also at a  loss as to how the short answer you received solved your issue.


              Is this the statement you're referring to?:

              *The trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 does not include some  features that depend on software licensed from parties other than Adobe.  For example, some codecs for encoding MPEG formats are available only  with the full version of this product.


              What format is your media?

              Are you able to open a simple DV project in CS5 that originated in CS4?

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                A CS4 project that contains MPEG material, can't be opened in CS5 trial, because of the lack of support of anything MPEG in the trial.

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                  Fighting Sticks Level 2


                  I'm Australian!  I don't speak Queen's English, I speak AUS English, not american.  So be sure you don't misunderstand me.  Laws here in AUS are simpler and not as convoluted as our US Adobe host.  Reading the limitations of the trial indicate here in AUS you can expect all aspects of the trial version to mirror that of the full version for the 30 day trial period.  Regardless of US blah, blah, that simple aspect is an inherent componet of AUS law!  You can BS all you want in any other territory but in AUS if you download a 30 day trial then it has to do what the full version does, by AUS law!  Granted this may be different in 'the states' but god bless 'em, I aint 'embeded' there no more!.  So please take a bit of advice, if the download trial version don't do what you want it to then don't purchase the product! cause it probably won't do what you want it to do.  You can listen to the lapdogs that will give you all good advise but are they offering you truth or desire to increase their Adode 'score' quota to enhance their own ego's?  Take care of all the 'good' advise you get here, including mine.  If the trial version don't work, at least here in AUS, I'd strongly suggest you stay with the current 'function' version you're using.

                  Again God bless those whacky convoluted US law experts!

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    You are not downloading from Adobe Austalia but from the US and that means US laws and regulations apply.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      To test drive the full, non-limited CS5, you can purchase the program, use it without any restrictions, and then prior to the 30-days after purchase, return it for your full-price refund, if not satisfied. That's a pretty good offer.


                      Note: the CS5 version should Import/Open most CS4 Projects. Now, aspects such as 3rd party Effects and Transitions, might cause issues, as might non-standard CODEC's, if not installed on the machine with the new version. In those cases, PrPro is pretty good at letting the user know what is missing, and where its missing, though it is not perfect in this respect.


                      Good luck,



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                        Fighting Sticks Level 2


                        When it comes to Adobe stuff you are one of the most knowledgable cats there is out there!  Please note, US laws and regulations apply, in the US.  In the US for example, certain products and 'norms' are legal but if you put them in your pocket get on a plane and travel OS (that's overseas for you americans who have never left your country - to serve it) you can quickly find yourself in a lot of trouble if you're not up to speed on the laws of the country you're entering.  Fortunately here in here AUS we have our own system and we provide US laws and regualtions the same respect as say Israeli or Iranian laws and regulations.  When entering a 'foreign' country you're required play by their laws and regulations,  the laws of 'foreign' countries aint given the same respect as our own.  Now here in AUS our laws quite clearly define 'foreign' product requirements.  Regardless the 'foreign' blah blah, here in AUS if you make a product trial or sample 'available', that trial or sample is required to perform at the same level as the product available at purchase.  If you feel required to push the point we can continue this post and incorporate AUS departments.  I'm currently working in CS3, and intend to upgrade in another 7 months, I  would be horrified if I couldn't purchase CS product available in 7 months if our government made the sale 'difficult' because the 'foreign' maunfacturer was found to not comply with AUS standards.


                        Here's the point Harm, we both love Adobe's products, we're just from different countries and for all we know the  OP could be trying to connect his min laptop to a HD via a peice a string.  Nothing broken, nothing torn.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Out of curiosity, can you provide a URL on the Australian laws, pertaining to "trial" software?


                          The reason that I ask, is that if all trials must be 100% identical to the full-paid version, I cannot believe that there would be any trials in OZ.


                          There are basically three types of trial:


                          1.) limited versions (think PrPro here w/ the MPEG limitation)


                          2.) watermarked (obviously different than the full-paid version)


                          3.) time-limited where it ceases to work past a certain point in time (obviously different than the full-paid version, though much closer in other respects)


                          That means, that if I read you correctly, none would be legal in OZ, as all differ from the full-paid version in some way. The only way that a company could offer a trial would be to just give away the full-paid version for free. That would certainly impact on sales in OZ.


                          I have to be missing something here, so am asking for assistance.





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                            Fighting Sticks Level 2

                            Yes, there is no Australian version.  The downloads comply with US laws and regualtions.  For details on your rights as a consumer and product requirements in AUS I'd direct you to the following sites, please contact them directly -

                            The Australian Competition & Consumer Comission


                            The Office of Fair Trading


                            the State Ombudsman


                            I'm sure the advisors there will clarify any concerns you may have.

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                              Rotaholic Level 1

                              Fighting Sticks, im from New Zealand and Harm answered my question perfectly. Not to sure why your going off on a tangent