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    buying cs4 master collection now, selling cs2, buying from US

    getho Level 2

      3 things:

      ANyone know if you can sell an old cs2 design studio on eg Ebay.  Its not been used to upgrade.


      I've got cs2 design x2.  Cs5 isn't officially out in Australia.  Is there anything stopping me getting the master collection upsell from 2 packages on cs4 and then (presumably) getting a free upgrade to cs5?


      last thing: anyone know if its cosher to purchase from the US store, if you live elsewhere?

      CS5 master collection is $1850 in Australia (upsell from one previous studio).  In the adobe shop its about $1950 for the download.  In the US adobe store its about $1250 USD = $1350 AUD.  This is a download we're talking about.  Whats the extra $600 for?  Sure you want to protect yourself from currency fluctuation, but do you really expect the US dollar to increase in value by 30%?