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    How to change the workspace 's flash player trust setting on Mac

    romanczar Level 1



      as you probably all know, the workspace of Flash Builder is a little bit different with regards to the "security settings", i.e. you can do load from local filesystem and network and don't get the same errors you would get when deploying the SWF to a real server.


      It seems like this has something to do with the workspace itself. Maybe there is some sort of security policy attached to the workspace folder? How can you change that to get exactly the same results as you would get when copying the SWF/HTML to another folder or when sending it to a colleague for testing?


      Any ideas? I heard that some sort of "Flash Player Trust" setting might do the trick? I check with the Adobe Online Setting Manager, but I have no folder listed in the "always trust" section.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks for any input!