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    Xpath expression to get multiple instances of a XML node in process

    Muni raj



      I am creating a form with a section for adress. Multiple instances of the section can be added dynamically.

      the xml corresponding to this section will be like







      When multiple instances of the adress section are added, multiple sets of <address> node will be present. When this form is submitted, I am trying to get the values of all the address sections and assign them to a list process variable like one list for street,one for city and so on.


      I could not use any Xpath expression to fetch the values of all the instances. For example, xpath //address will return all the instances of adress nodes in the xml.. ./address//street will return all the instances of the street node. but when these xpath expressions were mapped to the process variable only the first instance of the node is returned. I tried with xpaths like address[*], but only one instance was returned. However when tried with appropriate index positions like address[1] or address[2] the corresponding address nodes are returned.


      Can we use any xpath query to get multiple instances of a node in adobe LC process. If yes please help me with the expression. If there are altenate ways also, please suggest.