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    HUD Color Picker Shortcut Issue

    Rockument Level 1

      The HUD color picker, great idea.  It lets digital painters pick colors without interrupting your rhythm....

      I can't figure out a way to change the shortcut.  I do not see it in the shortcut list anywhere.


      In order for it to be of any use to me, I need to be able to change the shortcut.  Putting the right click + multiple buttons into a shortcut that is really good for a tablet pen is a bit of a confuser.  I either have to completely change the way I do things with the buttons on the pen, and change my posture to be closer to the keyboard (I only use the tablet buttons and wheel when I'm painting), or drop the pen and pick up the mouse, which completely defeats the purpose of not interrupting the rhythm.


      I can't find a way to put it into an action, and the particular combination cannot be programmed into the Intuos 4 hotkeys, because of the right click in there.


      Someone please tell me there's a way to change the shortcut, or this feature is entirely useless to me and this will make me sad, I really want to use it.