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    Source-ordered XHTML and CSS site woes

      Unfortunately, I am dealing with a site that has been built across two generations of layout techniques. The client has also followed the recommendation of a consultant and has fixed on Contribute as their content editing method. This will not change for the forseeable future. Half the site is table based tag-soup bloat and the other half is source ordered CSS/XHTML. It's the CSS/XHTML part that is giving us fits.

      Contribute's web browser mode shows the site correctly. However, once we move to draft mode the layout goes slightly askew and we are unable to place the editing cursor on most of the content. As it's all source ordered code what would be quickest is to simply disable CSS display for draft mode. I can delete the CSS files locally on my Mac with some fumbling and see the unstyled page to edit. On Windows machines, and the client's machines are all Windows XP boxes, and even after I do find the CSS files local directory (Internet Temporary Files) delete them the draft editor still displays the wonky rendering.

      My question then is how can I get Contribute to ignore the CSS while the client tries to update pages? Or, is there another path to take to get the client up and running with Contribute and valid CSS/XHTML? As it is, I would have to strongly recommend against any client using Contribute until it can work with web-standards based layouts.