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    Remote and Local Site Sync Problems


      I have a customer who is using Dreamweaver CS4 on Mac OS X. Dreamweaver is setup to have a local site as our development server(win 2k3) and the remote site as our live web server(win 2k3). The folder structure on both the development and live web server is the same. When you view the path in the manage site window of dreamweaver it shows both remote and local site listed as /Volumes/www/Data. When dreamweaver connects to both of these to sync the files nothing happens since it sees them as the same place.


      I have looked in the /Volumes folder on the customers computer and two listings appear for the servers www and www-1. This is not what dreamweaver shows and if you repoint the link to the www-1 folder it just changes back to www.


      I have tried to create alias' and symbolic links to distinguish one folder from the other however nothing I seem to change has any effect.


      If you use finder on the machine it can distinguish between the two folders I just need to figure out how to make dreamweaver do the same.


      Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.