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    Does the flex project is heavy ?


      hi everybody!


      for me is very intersting develop with flex. I like!
      I have 3 project with flex in company I work.
      I use flex with php.
      But now my boss is asking me about how Flex is weighed .
      One other day he tried to access the site with an iPhone and it failed.
      And he said he tried to connect with a super fast internet and the site took too long to load.
      Does the flex project is heavy ?
      Are there ways to make the flex project more light?


      thank you for you attention

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          cheftimo Level 2

          For first issue, the iPhone does not support any Flash apps.


          For the second, very hard to tell without seeing the code. If you are using Flex Builder, look into using the profiler.

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            SpaghettiCoder Level 3

            It's not about being heavy or light,


            It's about Steve Jobs hating ADOBE, and how he thinks ADOBE programmers are lazy.


            It's about him going off on how ADOBE has a closed system while APPLE is the epitomy of being closed, from hardware to software.


            Good thing when he goes on a diatribe no one listens, heaven forbid all the mindless sheep who buy apple products were to read that Adobe and Flash sucks they may start to believe it.


            Steve Jobs put it nicely though, FLASH is made for a Powerful PC.  He should have added that's why it runs on Android and Windows 7 Phones but not on a iPHONE, because  Android && Windows7 > iPHONE.


            One word, 1Ghz Snap Dragon!