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    Adobe Media Encoder Hell


      What on Earth is going on with the Media Encoder in CS4? It takes forever to load a project before encoding. My God it's unbloody believable!!!

      15 minutes to load something that takes 1 minute to encode!!!!

      What is going on  ???????

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          You tell us.


          Some suggestions... and answer at least the 16 questions at the end of the Wiki article.

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            Zebadi Level 1
            1. Codecs Used:     Blackmagic Quicktime RGB10bit
              1. CS4 4.2
              2. Eng International
              3. All latest Updates applied
              4. Project/sequence settings: Blackmagic 4:3
            2. Operating System
              1. Name: Winxp sp 3
              2. XP3
              3. Installed language English/Hebrew
              4. Display resolution and color depth 1280x1024.
            3. CPU type and speed    Intel I5
            4. Amount of memory (RAM) 4Gb
            5. Video card
              1. Manufacturer  NVIDIA GVX260
              2. Model
              3. Driver version
            6. Number of monitors (displays) in use  2
            7. Audio card
              1. Manufacturer   RealTek       
              2. Model
              3. Driver version
            8. Each hard drive's capacity and space remaining
              1. Disk setup (partitions used, raid configuration, what is where for OS/projects/media/scratch/audio)
            9. Hardware capture device
              1. Manufacturer     Blackmagic
              2. Model               Decklink Extreme
              3. Driver version number    7.6
            10. Capture software
              1. Name                 Adobe Premiere Pro
              2. Company            Adobe
              3. Version               4.2




              OK so it unusual for the Media Encoder to behave this way?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Yes, at least on my system.


              There have been reports that BM drivers had some problems. Do you have the latest version?


              And what about your disk setup and the number of processes running. Use Process Explorer to find that, but if it is more than 50, you have to clean up.

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                1. Remove any black video you have in your timeline and replace it with premiere tranparent video or a black AVI created in After effects.


                If that doesn't work;


                2. Go to edit/preferances/media and uncheck enable clip and XMP metadata linking.

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                  Huntrex Level 2

                  How many assets do you have in your project? AME has to load each and every item imported into the Premiere project.


                  For me, AME loads a normal size project (10-20 min finished), in under one minute.

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                    Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                    So how many items do you have in the AME render queue?  If  there's a lot, try deleting any you don't need, and see if that helps.


                    I've seen the combination of (1) a lot of custom presets and (2) a lot of items in the AME render queue result in a slow down in AME CS4.  Note that the custom presets could be your own presets that you've created and saved, or even third-party presets installed in the custom preset folder.  CS5 has been optimized for this specific case.

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                      Zebadi Level 1

                      OK I think I have found the answer to this issue, my editor had layed out one sequence (timeline) on which there were 14 individual films, not more then 2 minutes each. From there he exported the films to AME. AME then took forever to load each film, much longer to load then to encode..

                      So I just made a sequence for each film rather then stack them all together, and sent them to the encoder, voila, it loads in no time!

                      Hope this saves someone some serious headaches....

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                        SiliconPixel Level 1

                        Why replace black video - is this some kind of known problem?