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    Flash Newbie Needs Help

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      Hi, I am a highschool student in a basic flash class. We use actionscript 2.0 and I was hoping I could get some information from of you more experienced users.


      I would first like you to download my FLA. It can be found here: http://myglife.org/usa/wv/gehswiki/index.php/File:GEHS_QWERTYKEYBORDTEAM_A_Trip_to_Outer_S pace_v_0_2_4-22-10.fla


      At this point in my game there is not much to it. I have a background and a main character that is the movie clip which in this case is a space ship. I am trying to make a scrolling background and at this point the only thing I could figure out to do was to make the background one gig movie clip that you control. Instead of controlling the space ship you are actually controlling the background it just appears you are controlling the ship.


      I was wondering if there was a better way to do this because I am going to have items you can pick up as you fly through the sky and I dont want to have to code every single item to be controlled by the user when I can simply control the space ship instead. I am just confused how to get the backgound to scroll if I do it this way.




      Another question I have is how do I add phisics? This is more important that the previous question. Right now I have it so that you simply control it my moving it up, down, left, and right on the x and y axis. When you let go of the up key the ship comes to a dead stop. How would I go about giving it some physics like when you let go of the up key it still goes up but starts to decelerate because of gravity and eventually will start to go downwards if you do not press the up key to give it accelleration for a while.


      Any tips is general for my game are apperetiated too. Thanks for the help.

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          you create a handful of stage-sized basic background images that all stitch together seemlessly.  you can then add the backgrounds dynamically and place objects dynamically.


          that would be the preferred way to proceed so your swf file size is reasonable, the background has many different variations and the placement of objects has unlimited variation.


          all those will take coding beyond a beginner's ability.  by check tutorials on background scrolling, you might be able to learn enough to start this yourself.


          adding physics is far-beyond the reach of beginner.  you'll need to add and use some third-party classes.  again, you can check for tutorials using a search engine like google.