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    CS5 jQuery Code Hinting

    Axus Creative

      I'm messing around in DW CS5 and I'm trying to get coding hinting to work for jQuery. I setup the standard function $(document).ready(function...


      But now hinting. I even try ctrl + space but only get the standard javascript code hints. Do I have to set this up in the site-specific code hint option?


      Thanks for the help.

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          Stephen Cox Level 1



          Once I set it up in site_specific-code hints it worked. I keep all my js in one folder and just pointed to that. Worked for them all. Very nice feature.

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            Axus Creative Level 1



            Ok. Here's what I did.


            I created a folder in my documents and added the latest version of jquery.


            Added the folder to my site specific code hint and created a new js file and tried but again only the standard javascript is poping up.


            Can you step me through the process?



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              I tried with pretty much every library I could find just to see if I could get it to work and nothing has.


              I tried storing the file locally and including it as well as linking the source from the files being hosted online elsewhere and neither work.


              The PHP version of this seems to work just fine so I'm wondering if this is a bug or if something is just needing to be adjusted or what.

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                Stephen Cox Level 1

                I managed to get the hints to work with my own js. Not a library. Odd really. I hope this is a bug.


                Sorry for not updating this thread sooner. But I'm close to abandoning DW, again (for this, and a few other reasons).  So I didn't give it much attention.