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    ACR6 Sharpening/NR visibility at less than 100% zoom

    Dennis 1111 Level 2

      I am seeing that ACR in CS5 now shows sharpening and noise reduction at less than 100% zoom.  Thanks for that Adobe (even though we know it's not "accurate" in the strictest sense).


      Now that we have that I am curious about the interpolation method used by ACR for screen display/zoom.  Is it the old PS way (the one where 25% and 50% were considered to be "better" at judging sharpness), the newer interpolation that started with PS CS4, or something entirely different?


      Also, this is more of a Bridge question but I have seen at least once so far where Bridge showed me sharpening applied in ACR6 in the Bridge preview but it seems a little quirky in that it doesn't always show.  Once it showed me NR but not sharpening.  Is this perhaps a little buggy still or is there a special combination of the Bridge preview preferences that are needed to make it work?  I have tried various combinations of the "monitor-sized previews", "100% previews", etc. and have tried to be diligent about purging the Bridge cache between changes but I can't seem to get it to display sharpening consistently in the normal preview (the loupe and full-screen at 100% or greater DO show sharpening and NR).