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    Calling mxmlc/fcsh from PHP script on windows

    kanukukreja Level 1



      My question is whether or not Flex's mxmlc can be called from within a PHP script. Here is the background:

      I have been created a simple process that creates a simple quiz/tutorial by converting a text file into a .as file and compiling to a .swf file using the mxmlc compiler. This works well from the command line, but I wanted to make the process easier by creating a web-interface to do this.  I have not been able to get the mxmlc compiler to work.


      After searching on the Web and on this site, I believe that using fcsh (instead of mxmlc) may be the way to go. Using fcsh would certainly compile the .mxml file faster (after the first run), and I think that fcsh can be launched as a service that might be able to be called from PHP.

      On the other hand, maybe I am approaching this the wrong way. Would it be better to write a Flex application that calls fcsh/mxmlc and avoid using PHP?



      Kanu kukreja