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    CS5 MPE multi-instance playback of same file


      I just got CS5 installed this weekend and I ran into a strange set of problems. First MPE simply doesn't play well(at all) on my Q6600/w 4GB of ram machine without hardware. So I went out a bought a QFX 4800, I got that installed and playback was going much better until I tried playing the same file twice. I was just goofing around but was trying to play back the same file picture in picture. It doesn't play it, basically hangs the computer for a good 10-15 seconds and then finally updates the program monitor in premiere. I can play back 3 streams scaled and color corrected without a problem, but if one of the streams are the same MPE seems to trip over itself. Same goes with rendering. I have an Areca 1220 Pci-e raid card in there with 8x7200 rpm 500GB HDs. All told the array can stream multiple files at about 250MB/s single streams at about 450MB/s so it's not the array. I'm just not sure what it is. Im open to ideas?