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    ACR 6.0 Rendering Detail?

    ACRFREAK Level 1

      I am a fine art print maker and in the new Lightroom 3 (I only used the trial version) it had two renderings (can not remember the exact name of the two options, I think they might have been under: develop) to choose from, one having more detail than the other.  On this forum I was told by someone that these two options would be in the new ACR once CS5 was launched.  I now have ACR 6.0 and do see in the Camera Calibration tab: "Process: 2010 (current) and 2003" but changing between these does not at all produce the effect as the different rendering algorithms I have used in LR 3. 


      Are these new renderings (that are in LR 3) going to be made available in ACR (one of the major reasons I was waiting for it)?