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    premeire elements 8.0 crashes and export problems


      ive been having lately inexplicable crashes with premiere elements 8.0 with the 8.01 path installed, ill note that  the same errors occured with and without the patch as i recently reinstalled premeire in an attempt to fix the issue. theres several issues besides random crashes occuring while exporting a video, working on the project, or some times just clicking something. i get the standard premiere crash report and i send it everytime, thats problem one.


      problem two is while exporting video usually in h.264 or mpeg 2 formats one of several things goes wrong at anytime during the exporting proccess its not limited to a certain percentage value. i receive an error saying this "error compiling movie: unkown error".  the proggress bar starts but the time estimated is a rediculously low time and the progress bar will ussually freeze at some point forcing me to forcefully close the program.


      many times even just opening a project i will receive the "premiere elements is low on system memory" message, this usually only occurs at around 50-60% total system RAM usage.


      ive tried several different presets but i usually work in DV NTSC widescreen, which until recently had given me no trouble with the same format video im using now. i am not using camcorder footage im using screen capture program recorded footage via fraps thats been converted to a lower file size in wmv format via windows movie maker.


      ive also updated my video driver to no avail. background rendering and GPU playback are also disabaled.


      ive also tried everything in this article, well except the nvidia stuff ofcourse since i dont have an nvidia chipset or video card those dont apply nor do i have graphics acceleration. http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/530/cpsid_53099.html


      EDIT: ive also exported as an uncompressed avi but i get an extremely large file as expected but it has no video when played back.

      previously i thought it may have been a RAM issue as it always crashed while exporting a video around 65% RAM usage now it doesnt seem to be restricted to a certain level of usage. also previously i was able to keep retrying and after about 10 tries maximum it would finally work for a while and allow me to export my video.


      system specs:

      RAM 4Gb kingston hyper x

      windows 7 32 bit

      HD 4870 512Mb

      phenom II 940

      asus M3A32-MVP deluxe

      2 HDDs C:(system) 200Gb seagate barracuda 7200.7 74Gb free space

      second internal HDD western digital 500Gb caviar blue 7200rpm 379Gb free space

      previous video driver: 9-10 CCC/display driver package for vista/win7 32 bit

      current video driver: 10-4 CCC/display driver package for vista/win7 32 bit


      everything from the CCC software information window(current driver):

      Driver Packaging Version 8.723-100406a-098768C-ATI
      Catalyst™ Version 10.4
      Provider ATI Technologies Inc.
      2D Driver Version
      2D Driver File Path /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/Class/{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE1031 8}/0000
      Direct3D Version
      OpenGL Version
      Catalyst™ Control Center Version 2010.0406.2133.36843

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          "i am not using camcorder footage im using screen capture program  recorded footage via fraps thats been converted to a lower file size in  wmv format via windows movie maker."


          This is likely the problem. FRAPS is a challenge anyway -- but converting it to a WMV isn't making all that much more compatible with Premiere Elements.


          Premiere Elements functions very well with a very narrow range or video formats. If you can convert your videos to DV-AVIs, you should see your stability probles go away (assuming your system is stable and well maintained).


          If you're finding FRAPS loads okay into Windows MovieMaker, you can use MovieMaker to output a DV-AVI, per the FAQs to the right of this forum.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            I first want to commend you on a well-written, and detailed post. Wish that others would take a page from your book.


            Now, the first thing that I notice is the lack of free space on your system (C:\) drive. If your Virtual Memory is dynamically managed (the default), you are likely to be running out of space for it. At least you have 2 physical HDD's, which I feel is the absolute minimum for video editing. I would look into cleaning out some "stuff" on your C:\, to get more working room there. The general feeling is that 30GB of defragmented free space is the min., but I lean towards ~ 50GB, with a statically managed Page File. With 4GB of physical RAM, I would look to a Page File of about 2 - 2.5x the RAM, or 6 - 10 GB. The static management will do two things: take the Page File management overhead off of the OS and also will locate the Page File in the same area of the HDD at boot up. You might want to experiment with placing it on your D:\, as separating it out from the C:\ can result in performance gains on many systems. This needs to be tested, however. I have my Page File on an otherwise pretty empty D:\, but have many more physical HDD's for media, for Projects, for Exported files, etc. My Projects and their Scratch Disks are separately located too, so the entire workload is spread over a half-dozen HDD's.


            Now, I have two articles, that might be useful. The first is to set up a system for video editing, and is HERE. The second is for finding clues, when a program, or system crashes. It is located HERE. There are also several good articles in the FAQ sub-forum, on optimizing both one's system and the PrE program. I highly recommend those.


            Hope that something there is helpful, and good luck,



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              As for the FRAPS footage, there are several posts here, and also in the PrPro forum, regarding editing material from FRAPS. I would recommend looking over those, as there are tips.This THREAD has links to plenty of those other threads.


              Good luck, and hope that some of those links will be useful.



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                cornholio157 Level 1

                your suggestion to convert it to DV-AVI via windows movie maker seems to have done the trick it went into the project and exported without a hitch. although im wondering why ive not had any issues until recently with those type of files, alot of my previous videos have been wmv converted from fraps footage. oh well i guess aslong as it works now i shouldnt really be concerned about why it didnt before. thanks for your help guys.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Not sure why it worked but stopped, however Steve's rec. for Exporting from WMM to DV-AVI will be much easier to edit (higher quality too), than WMV.


                  Good luck,