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    Best Sequence Preset and File Format for Editing HD?


      I'm using Premiere CS4 and I'm starting a new project that was shot in HD. I'm dealing with multiple file formats, as several different types of HD cameras were used. This is for a feature documentary, so I need a balance between  maintaining image quality while sticking with a format that my machine  can handle smoothly. Two questions:


      1. Which HD preset should I commit to for the project (DVCProHD, XDCAM, etc.)?


      2. I want to keep things nice and tidy and convert all of my footage to the same file type. I've found that Premiere works best with AVI files, but I'd like some input on what file format and codec you recommend. I took a stab at converting some files to Microsoft AVI format using the V210 10bit YUV codec, but the file sizes are huge and my system (quad-core processor w/ 12 gigs of RAM) still can't handle smooth playback with them.


      Recommendations? I'm open to purchasing a plugin, 2nd-party file converter, etc. if necessary.