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    Compatibility between Flash and  DIrector

      Dear Friends,

      I am having a particular problem. I have a program, which requires a flash interface to execute a lingo command [example given below ] within director which should result in a specific video to start playing.

      Here is what my code looks like on the button in flash :

      on (release)
      getURL("lingo:sendSprite(5, #testVars,1,2,3)");
      now essentially this is supposed to play a specific video when executed inside director.

      The problem that I am facing is :

      when i open the movie in director, everything is running just fine, just the way it is supposed to. My problem starts when i convert it into a projector or compact this file to be used by a stub, everything else works but just thta the button would not work. i.e the command wont be executed.

      Wit's end. Any light at the end of the dark tunnel ?