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    cs 5 upgrade, no qualifying product found problem.  solved!


      hey guys.  I posted earlier with the cs5 photoshop upgrade not recognizing my cs 4 serial #.  wanted to give an update.  Turns out the cs5 installer wasn't recognizing my installed copy of cs4 extended as a qualifying product.  so after a nice chat with tech support, uninstalling cs4, uninstalling cs5, creating a clean login account, and zapping the PRAM, the same problem persisted.  I contacted tech support once again (those chats connect fast!) and they told me the secret command+apple double click on the install screen method.  that produced a challenge code, then they gave me the answer, and that circumvented the serial number problem.  now cs 5 extended is happily installed.  and it only took 2 hours!  jeez, this feels like a windows install, it's not supposed to feel like this on a Mac!


      anyway, happy endings are good.  CS 5 PS is amazing.