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    Adobe Media Encoder - Errors


      File Import Error-could not be imported

      I have tried to use AME to convert mov and asx files with no luck. I keep getting import errors. I have tried AME on Windows 7 and Windows XP computers. I am using CS4. I am a newby- hopefully have given enough information for help?

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          Adobe Media Encoder, without warning, embeds a huge iSkySoft logo in the upper left hand corner of every movie I put in the queue.  I did find a way around it, though.  One must specify Flash 9.0 or above to avoid the un-invited logo embed.  Absolutely disappointing. I read in a post that the Encoder is a stand alone added to CS4.  Dreamweaver will only accept FLV or FL4 files, and the Media Encoder will supply this, but at a hidden cost.  Really, all users must download Flash 9.0 to view my videos without the iSkySoft logo?