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    My developer cannot integrate webhelp into JSP and I'm not a developer.

      I have a developer in India who has never integrated context-sensitive topics into a JSP application and I'm only marginaly ahead of him, so I pointed him to the Adobe article at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/robohelp/articles/context_help.html.

      However, he says that while he can call the help, it always defaults to the welcome page.

      He sent me his code:
      javascript:ShowWebHelp('help/TASCHelp.htm',1,HH_HELP_CONTEXT, 14)

      I also gave him an .h file named TASC_Help_mapfile.h and an example of the mapID lines go as follows:
      #define Getting_Started 14

      I asked him why it was different than the code in the example.
      <a href="javascript:RH_ShowHelp(0,'WebHelp/default.htm>WithNavPane', HH_HELP_CONTEXT, 5)">Help</a>

      However, being in India, I don't expect to hear from him till tomorrow.

      In the mean time, can anyone tell me if what he wrote is acceptable and if it isn't, where he went wrong that I can point to him when he gets back to me?