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    Can't get Creative Suite Builder SDK to show up


      I downloaded the Creative Suite SDK unzipped it.  I am using Flash Builder 4 on Windows but I tried on Mac too.  From the Preferences Install/Update section I clicked Add Site and pointed to the folder "CreativeSuiteSDK" that was in the contents of the .zip file and named my site "CS SDK".  It doesn't complain but I do not get CS Extension Builder to show up in Window > Perspective > Other even after restarting Flash Builder 4. If I go back into Preferences Install/Update section and click the "Test Connection" button on the "CS SDK" site I get the following error:


      "No repository found at file:/C:/Program%20Files/Adobe/CreativeSuiteSDK-1.0.0/CreativeSuiteSDK/."





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          James Boag Adobe Employee

          Hi Scott,


          I think you may have downloaded the Creative Suite SDK, as opposed to Extension Builder. When you install EB via the local update site zip, you'd get a top-level element to install called Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder (and it would be there if you attempted to re-use that site). That, along with the name of the zip, makes me think you're using the SDK as opposed to Extension Builder.


          You can download ExtensionBuilder from Partner Portal, if you're a member of the Adobe Solutions Partner Program or the Adobe Enterprise Developer Program (see http://www.adobe.com/devnet/creativesuite/sdk/index.html for more). You can still use the CS SDK inside Flash Builder, though. The readme at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/creativesuite/pdfs/CS_SDK_Guide.pdf will give you instructions as to how to do that.





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            StevenErat Level 1

            After seeing Ian Paterson's presentation about developing with LCDS and Extension Builder in CS products I was excited to start learning since I have a lot of experience with LCDS, Flex, and ColdFusion as a back end server.   I Googled how to get started.  I landed on this page:




            It describes how to install the EB plugin but frequently refers to the CS SDK.  It provides no download links to either, so I Googled for the download.  I landed on this page to download the SDK.




            After attempting to follow the instructions in the SDK Developing guide in the first link using the bits downloaded from the second link, I ran into this "No Repository" issue which frustrated me for a while:




            After more researching, I landed on the page that I probably should have started with:




            There, it lists the CS SDK side by side with the EB.  The EB appears to not be publicly available, but rather only to Adobe Partners and/or those in the "Enterprise Developer" program.  Fortunately, I can log in as a Partner, but only to be greeted with a main welcome page, and I have no idea how to find or download EB from the Partner portal.


            The point of my post here is to say that I think Adobe can do a much better job describing the differences between CS SDK and EB in all the related documentation, guides, and readme's, and where to get the download.  To those just learning the topic this seems to be an initial obstacle.  Many (all?) of the guides do not provide a clear download location for where to get either.   They refer to the download, but don't help you find it, at all, e.g. "To install the Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder,   download the ZIP file and unzip it into a root location"


            I own Adobe Creative Suite CS 5 Master Collection.  I own Flex Builder 4 (ships with CS5 MC).  I own ColdFusion Builder.  Why don't I have clear and immediate access to obtaining the Adobe CS Extension Builder?


            Does Adobe want developers to build cool, enterprise level, distributed applications for Creative Suite or not?  Make it easier.


            Thank you.



            It only seems fitting that this post end with a sheesh.



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              aolenskie Adobe Employee

              Hi Steven,


              Echoing slightly what I posted here:



              While the Adobe Solutions Partner Program has particular qualification criteria, it would be worth your while discussing your opportunities and plans with Roger Risdal (rrisdal@adobe.com). Roger is a Partner Product Manager here at Adobe, he is a great contact in terms of making and maintaining the connection between partners and Adobe. He would be able to provide more context and advice around eligibility for the Solution Partner Program.


              I'd like to be clear that Flash Builder (Premium) is a benefit of both programs.


              Our intent here is to surface developer requirements directly within Adobe - we believe the program memberships currently provide the best vehicle for this (yes, I agree they are not ideal, and we are working to make changes in this area).


              Functionally, the CS SDK provides everything you need to build on the Creative Suite extensibility story. For example, see:

              http://blogs.adobe.com/cssdk/2010/05/building_creative_suite_5_extensions_using_the_creati ve_suite_sdk_and_flash_builder_4.html


              The Creative Suite SDK (and Extension Builder) are pretty new (launched in CS5), we are excited at the opportunities they provide, but we also recognise we are not finished, there is some way to go. We are keen to hear directly any suggestions you have for improvements. Either respond here, or if you prefer you can contact me directly at aolenski@adobe.com.