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    DW5 Window display on OSX


      Dreamweaver seems to be giving me the same problem I had with CS4.  This problem affects the application window.


      Sometimes the content of my application window disappears when I click on the application frame. For instance, clicking the "split" view button makes the contents (both html and design windows) disappear.  Only by clicking the application window frame a couple times does DW return to normal.


      Also, if I try to drag DW around on my screen the application frame moves but the contents stay where they were resulting in the application and contents becoming separated.  In order for DW to resume working normally in this scenario, I usually have to restart DW.


      This behavior plagued me for all of CS4 which unfortunately drove me to other web dev software.  I really like DW and would like to continue using it but this problem is a deal breaker for me. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Has anyone else even experienced this problem?