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    Flex 3 App Loads as Blank SWF

      I've got a Flex 3 app running out of an HTML wrapper on our LAN (not localhost). I can see the Flex SWF when I go to the URL.

      When some people on our network hit the HTML page, they see all the HTML content (and can view the source) but the Flex swf is blank white (on IE, it even still has the CLICK TO ACTIVATE thing)

      When they put the URL of the swf itself into the browser, it works fine and loads. When they change .swf to .html it does this blank thing. I've tried using my own HTML wrapper as well as the one Flex creates ... neither works.

      Since they can load the swf and see it fine, it's not a flash player version issue (and we all have the same version -- latest -- anyway). Could it have something to do with the debugger? (thought both debug and release versions of the swf behave this way) Has anyone come across this before?