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    Sharing.. bit rates etc...

    doyle84 Level 1

      Hello there,


      I am running adobe premier elements 7. When share a film i have made to D.V.D or playback on p.c what settings do I change in the advanced menu to

      make my film the highest quality possible? I understand if I want to share my film on the internet the quality is reduced anyway,but im not bothered about internet sharing at the mo. Im not to knowledgeable about bit rates etc so im not sure what to change the settings to in order for the highest quality.

      If anyone knows please get back to me.


      Many thanks.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          For the DVD, if you have the space on the blank disc (established by the Duration of the Timeline), uncheck Fit Contents to Disc, and choose the highest quality.


          For the MPEG output, in the Advanced tab, choose the Highest Quality in the Basic Video Settings.


          Good luck,