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    Are there any difference between fx. the Nvidia FX3800 and GTX 260?

    Moxtelling Level 1

      Does anybody understand why I fell frustrated and confused about all this videocard discussions?


      Some tells me that the FX3800 is a better card - more pro - stabillity etc. than low-price cards - like GTX 260/285/295 - and some tells me that GTX 260 = FX3800. I read on other webpages about how people are having problems having their GTX 260 recognized as a FX 3800 (not in PPro but by Nvidia software). Other places tells about how to softmod GTX 260 to a FX 3800. Some tells me that there is a big difference between these cards - others they are almost alike - same GPU etc. I read that the difference between GTX 260 and FX 3800 is only the looks of it from outside - inside they are alike - and that apart from that only drivers are different.


      I have ordered the FX 3800 - believing it will perform better and more stable and give me really good playback rendering inside PPro CS5 compared to my GTX 260. If I get the same performance and stability by just changing two lines in a textfile with my old GTX 260 I feel cheated...I hope this is not happening.


      Someone from Adobe or Nvidida - please tell us - what there is a differnece between fx. the GTX 260 and the FX 3800 besides from the outside look and some drivers? If there is no difference between them - I can not see any other reason for only supporting the FX cards than $$$...If there are a difference in Quadra/FX favour - and I sincerly hope so -  I understand why you choose Quadro cards - but if they are just alike inside - I just feel we have all been mislead. I could have saved my money...time will show - I get the FX 3800 in a few days...can´t return it (danish rules when you buy it as a company) - so I´m 1000$ short this month...:(



      I would feel much more comfortable in having ordered the FX 3800 if someone from Adobe could tell me excactly how much better FX 3800 is from the GTX 260 - apart from being supported and the GTX is not. And if there is more in it than just changing a simple textfile? Are there any more things going on inside PPro - deep inside - that affects performance with FX cards besides from two lines in a textfile? Who can help answering that question - and I mean really answering it in serious way - not just saying - off course the FX is better - because its more expenssive.


      Haven´t we all experienced this in other situations? Like buying a car? Fx. Inside SKODA FABIA is a VW engine like the ones used in much more expensive VW cars. Only difference is the name and the outside look - and some comfort. The engine is the same - and in a way you could say that from an engine-point-of-view - the cars are alike. But you pay for comfort.

      Is the same thing going on here? I pay more for FX 3800 for the looks of it from the outside and some software-drivers that makes it more stable - but inside it is just like GTX 260? So from a graphic-performance-GPU-point-of-view I actually have two cards that are alike and I reaaly am paying for software and not hardware?



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          shooternz Level 6

          After going all around the place saying what you would and wouldn't do about video cards ....YOU then jumped in "impetuously" and bought the FX3800.


          You have made your bed and now you have to lie in it.


          Not much point angsting about it in a forum.  We cant make your decision better for you.


          Sell one card or the other after you have tested both and determined which is best for what you do.

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            Moxtelling Level 1

            You are right -. and I keep spanking myself in the head with a wet towel.

            I will lie in my bed - thinking of the nice new bicycle I could have bought instead of the FX 3800....;-)


            No seriously - I know what I have done - and maybe I have done right - I don´t know? Time will show and I will sell or buy.


            What I am frustrated about is the fact that I actually just decided to buy FX 3800 because Adobe and Nvidida toold me too -  to get support for MPE and now it seems that my old GTX 260 is much like the FX 3800 if not the same inside? And I am frustrated about that it is possible to change a line in a simple textfile and suddenly get support for the GTX 260 to play MPE. This fact only put more lit on the conspiracy-fire about Adobe and Nvidia having made a simple software-trick to make some cards work others not = making a lot of money on fools like me...

            You must admitt it is a rather tempting conclusion - if one is in the conspiracy-mood. Well - I try to think good about people. And Adobe convinced me at last that I needed the FX 3800 card. So I did order it eventually - because I need the MPE NOW - Can´t wait - having so bad performance and issues with PPro 4 - been so frustrated about edditting for almost ½ a year now - constantly having issues etc. And I am going to start new big project in 7 days. Have just spend 2000$ on upgrade to Master Collection and have making thoughts about wich card to buy long time ago - the GTX 285 or FX 3800 - to get the MPE support. And same day I order I suddenly see that the softmod makes my old GTX 260 to a FX 3800. And other posts claim that the cards are the same inside. No wonder I get frustrated - others must be the same.


            So what I am trying to say is that: I feel like Adobe and Nvidida is not being honest with us. If it turns out that the only thing Adobe has done is making a simple textfile to make cards supported or not by enteringior changing the names of the cards inside the textfile - and nothing else....And if fx. a softmoded GTX 260 turns out to perform excactly the same and be as stable as a FX 3800 to 5-6 x the price - I will feel cheated and feel like a stupid fool.

            I certainly do not hope this is what is going on. But it seems no one can help me but myself - testing and trying these cards - and I will try to post my results in this forum - so others might have easier tomake a choice...


            I´l be back....



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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              I will lie in my bed - thinking of the nice new bicycle I could have bought

              Like this one:


              Ideale fiets.jpg

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                Moxtelling Level 1

                Hahaha - I like your sense of humour, Harm! Yeah - it looks great!





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                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                  Did you look at the Specification links I put in the other thread? That will answer most of your questions for you. Otherwise you will see when you test them but the specifications tell the story as well.