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    how do you build SWF play controls?


      Hi sorry for the post I know this is probably a well covered topic, but I've been googling all day and everything I find is linked to using buttons with an imported flv; which is not what I want.


      I actually am working on 2 different senerios.  the first I have a new video that is all keyframe and AS based but I need a way to control it.  I've placed a graphic on the timeline then built an invisible button over it the graphic is just a basic play button with a gradient. can some one help me with the code to get the invisible button to play/pause the video from the 2nd key frame? Also I'll need to add a stop button.


      I used the code

      play_bttn.onRelease = function(){


      on earlier videos I've made but I can't figure out/remember how I got it to work, I'm just getting statement must appear within on handlers errors with this new video.



      The second issue I'm having is different. I have a SWF that is already built and I need to control it, so I'm importing the video to the stage with AS code



      which is working fine, now I need to create buttons to control it. Shouldn't the code be the same for both files? They are similar, where everything is being controlled after you export the swf's


      I have no flv's, avi's or mov's involved just 100% flash



      Thank you

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The error message you're getting is indicating (to me) that you are trying to place that code on the button.  The code you show for the button goes in the timeline, not on the button.  As for the other bit, yes, as long as your swf file is a timeline based animation, then similar code as what you use for the video should be appropriate.