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    Want a fun Job? 

      Hello all,

      We're an emerging technology start-up company experiencing amazing growth, and we're looking to hire a motivated developer for an incredibly fun job.

      The Company:

      Our company is called J-Squared Media (www.j-squaredmedia.com). We build media-rich applications for the Facebook platform and other social networking sites.

      We're cash flow positive and profitable. We're growing so quickly that we need to hire another kick-*** developer who loves to code and enjoys fast-paced start-up environments. Our team consists currently of its original two founding members, so we need a strong first employee. We'll likely be hiring three more employees in the next month.

      We're in the process of closing an initial round of Angel financing from a group of highly regarded investors and we're well connected in the VC world, so we have a strong backing of advisors already interested in our efforts. This is a chance to get involved in a great new company at the ground level. This means that creativity, drive, and passion matter to us. If this sounds like the type of job for you, please contact us immediately.

      Pay: Competitive. We will discuss salary / compensation during the interview process.

      Job Qualifications: FLASH DEVELOPER

      We're looking for Flash developers who build data driven applications in Actionscript.


      You will be building all kinds of different widgets for J-Squared -- Video and audio players, games, web cams, animations, etc., all at a ridiculously fast pace. The position requires extensive experience building XML-driven Flash applications and a strong commitment to building robust applications on a rapid development cycle.


      * B.S. in Computer Science, or equivalent experience
      * 1-3+ years of solid software development experience
      * Expertise in Flash Development: Actionscript, CPU/Memory optimization, JavaScript/Flash bridging, Cross-browser
      * Extensive design experience
      * Strong knowledge of software development life cycle.
      * Strong analytical skills and ability to assist other team members in problem solving.
      * Willingness to think creatively, take charge, and challenge every decision we make as a team.

      Nice to Have:

      -Ruby/Ruby on Rails, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, JSON, XML, MySQL, Apache2/Mongrel, Rails deployment

      Location: Our company is currently based in the heart of Philadelphia, but this job can be done remotely, so it doesn't matter to us where you're living - as long as you're a hot shot.

      Interested? CONTACT US!

      Email: contact@j-squaredmedia.com
      Please provide a resume and brief description of why you think you might be the right fit for J-Squared. Links to any of your previous projects are also very helpful.