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    flash background suddenly white

      I've changed nothing that I know of in making flash slideshows using swish and exporting to .swf format for inclusion in Dreamweaver except that now all of a sudden the flash item has a white background -- but only on my computer it seems when testing online; locally, it doesn't do that when testing and when using a different computer it doesn't do that.

      Any idea why a flash item would have a white background in some cases and not in others like that?

      Like I said, I've changed nothing and have never had to put any parameters in place or do anything else of the kind; the swish program itself specifies the background as red, not transparent (not that the page the flash item is on has a white page anyway).

      I don't know if this is a swish, flash, dreamweaver problem or some bug on my particular computer that I can't figure out.

      Anyone had this problem?