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    OSMF Player Beta3 - video sluggish on large recordings

    uconnkoala Level 1

      I created a new recording where the SegmentDuration is 3600s, which gives me roughly 400MB segment files.


      I noticed that in the beginning of the recording, the video plays out OK, with no jumps or skips.


      After the video has been recording for a while (6+ hours), the player becomes very slow and video sometimes freezes on the screen, and then continues in a choppy manner.


      On the client, the CPU usage spikes up when these freezes happen, in the 50-60% usage range. I’ve seen the same results in parallel on 2 systems (Pentium D 3.2GHz HT, and Core2 Duo 2GHz). I have also tried a server directly connected to the FMS switch to rule out any network congestion.