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    SWF Loader scaling my SWF


      Hello all,


      I have run into something of an unusual problem, and I'm not exactly sure how to go about combatting it.

      I have a Flex app that loads in a

      swf using 'SWFLoader' tag. the SWFloader and the

      swf being loaded in are the same height and width


      ActionScript Code:
      <mx:SWFLoader id="banner" source="banner.swf"/>


      The size of the imported SWF is 438x100 (created using a banner creator SWFtext tool). Outside of that, I cannot think of anything in this class that could possibly affect the dimensions of it. When I construct it, I do not set a height/width. I cannot see ANYTHING in this code that would make the size of the instance the size of the stage (1024x768), but for some reason, it is most definitely registering at that, making for some very... not good ordering issues with multiple objects on the screen, as now I have a hit area of more than double the size it is supposed to be...

      So I was wondering... Could this have something to do with the SWF coming from Flex? Is there any way anyone can think of to combat this problem? I have access to the MXML files and Flex, so if it's a setting there, I can change it, but so far as I know, the size of the SWF coming from flex is 500x375. That information even traces correctly off the _loadClip properties. That makes me think somewhere in there, it's grabbing the stage dimensions.

      Please help me fix this as soon as possible