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    FlexPMD 1.1 not working on Flex Builder 3, SDK 3.5 (Mac OS X)?


      I have FlexPMD 1.1 installed at Applications/FlexPMD/ with the following preferences:


      • FlexPMD command line installations:  /Applications/FlexPMD/flex-pmd-command-line-1.1.jar
      • FlexPMD custom ruleset:
      • Java command line:  java -Xmx256m
      • FlexCPD command line installation:  /Applications/FlexPMD/flex-pmd-cpd-command-line-1.1.jar
      • Minimum tokens:  25


      If I right-click on my "src" folder and select "FlexPMD > Run FlexPMD" the progress indicator looks busy for 2 seconds then it stops, with nothing in the FlexPMD Outline or View.  One the other hand, "Find suspect cut and paste" does work.


      Any ideas?


      Mac OS X (10.6.3)

      Flex Builder 3 (3.0.214193)

      Flex SDK 3.5