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    Create freeze frame quickly (to turn a normal video into stop motion)


      I've worked a fair amount with Final Cut in the past but this project needs to be done in Premiere Pro CS4 (or I guess after effects cs5 trial) because I'm on a windows machine.. I have a video that I am trying to turn into a stop motion clip. 


      When doing this in FCP, you can click Modify>Make Freeze Frame or even better, Shift+N to make an image. The image then pops up in a new window which can be dragged into the browser or timeline.


      Now that I am in Premiere, I cant find an efficient way to do it. The only way I read as to how to create still images from video clips are to "Hold the Frame" or to Export as a still image. Neither of these methods will work for me because I need to create 150+ images and both require to many keystrokes (thus taking an extremely long time). Sounds like laziness but I prefer to think of it as practicality



      What is the best method to turn a video into stop motion? Is there any way to quickly and easily make still images like there is in FCP with Shift+N? Is there an easier way in After Effects as opposed to Premiere (I've never really used it before)?