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    Anyway To Rename SpryMenuBarHorizontal.css File?

    blakers81 Level 1

      You know how there is:


      Source Code          SpryMenuBar.js          SpryMenuBarHorizontal.css


      at some point along the top.


      Well I am wondering if there is any way to rename the "SpryMenuBarHorizontal.css"?


      Because I am saving a bunch of different files that are slightly different, so that I can keep going back and forth and comparing them to see which one I like better.  But every time, the new file I save also writes over the old file I saved, even though I saved them with different file names.  And I think it is because I have a Spry Menu entitled "SpryMenuBarHorizontal.css" in all these files.  So, I am assuming when I change this spry menu in one file and save it, it also changes the spry menus in the other files too.  Am I correct?  Any way to change the name so this doesn't happen?