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    CS5 in 30 Days!


      Guys as Flash experts and as interested beginners I'd like your support. I've started a project with my new CS5 trial version to learn and build a site in just 30 Days. Im a beginner and dont know much about the CS applications or the internet but over the next 30 days I'm going to learn and incorporate as much of CS5 (Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks etc) into a personal website.


      Its obviously a very daunting task considering my level of expertise (beginner) so I'd like to ask you guys to follow along my journey and participate as I run into problems and seek your advice as to where to go if and when I get stuck. Not to mention it should be interesting and intense.


      With this project I hope to show the world what a motivated beginner can do with the CS5 Suite and start producing in just 30 days with little to no background experience.


      I've set up a blog and a twitter account that I'll be updating at least daily on my progress for you to follow along and comment.




      I hope to see you guys there and if you know of other who might be interested in following along as well please send them this message.


      Thanks Guys