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    A general question about JPGs, color profiles and the web.

    jyeager11 Level 1

      (Didn't get much help in the PS forum, so I'm gonna try this here.)


      I save a website background image  in Photoshop with its color profile (in this instance, Adobe RGB 1998).


      When I view the image in IE  (latest), it looks the same as it did in PS.


      When I view it in Firefox  (latest), it comes out darker.


      I'm guessing this has something to do with  one of the two browsers taking the color profile into account, and the  other not.


      What  is everyone's solution to this problem? Should I not be including color  profiles with my JPGs? And if that isn't the problem (ie, I should keep  doing it), which is the color profile I should be using in RGB?


      I keep  hopping between Adobe RGB (1998) and sRGB 2.1 and can't decide which one  to adopt once and for all.