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    MacPro is unable to call to PC machine for the first time

    Authentic Sols

      I have the fllowing problem:


      I have two computers One is MacPro machine and other is PC machine. I use Adobe Video Sample Application for Stratus Testing. When I launch the application for the first time on two machines and try to make a call from Mac to PC, nothing happens. PC doesn't receive any calling notification. However, when PC tries to make a call to MacPro machine, everything goes really well.


      There is one exception:


      MacPro machine can make a call to PC machine with the following condition


      1 - PC has already made a call from PC to MacPro.



      So, if PC has already made a call to MacPro, then after terminating the call (from anyside), MacPro can call PC and all goes well.


      Can anybody please let me know why for the first time, MacPro is unable to call PC machine?


      Thanks in advance.