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    Importing swf to flash


      This must be a noob question but I have to ask it.


      I have a swf presentation with 28 pages. Each page contains a swf movie. It was originally done in 2005 with Flash Studio MX 2004 . In 2005 I imported a swf movie to each page and it all worked perfectly. The filesize was small and exe-filesize was 1,2 MB. Now when I have done small modifications to the swf in Flash CS4 and I try to import it to the main fla then it imports dozens of bitmaps and other stuff. After adding just that one swf exe-filesize is 5 MB and the swf is not even working. it is just a still.


      Help. Is there no way around this? Why can´t I just add the swf like before and it will work? I can´t/don´t want to do the loadmovie-thingy because this exe will go to a client who will share it over and over in their network. Once the file has external files it will be unusable immediately. It has to be in one file just like before. Do I have to go back to Flash Studio MX 2004 to make my modifications if I need to have just one file? Flash CS4 can´t import SWF directly anymore???